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How do I import a Report Template or Data Set?
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Last Updated
24th of January, 2017

Applies to
WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3, WinSPC 9.0

In WinSPC version 8.0 or later, report templates and datasets can be exported to copy them from one WinSPC system to another.  This allows you to share your report templates and datasets with other WinSPC users, as well as download new report templates from DataNet Quality Systems for use in your WinSPC system.  An export of a report template folder, report template, data set folder, or dataset produces a single file that then can be imported into a WinSPC database.

To import a report template or dataset, simply right click in the white area where you wish to import the report template or dataset and choose the "Import" option.


You should be in the appropriate area for the type of item you are importing (i.e., you should be in the "Report Templates" area of the WinSPC Administrator tree if you are importing report templates).  Browse out to the export file location and then click "Open".  The report templates or datasets will then be imported, automatically generating any folders, report templates, and datasets that are contained within that export file. 

You can download additional report templates to import into your WinSPC system here: Additional WinSPC Report Templates (Add-ons)

NOTE: Exports of report templates and datasets are not intended to be imported across different WinSPC versions. Therefore, a report template exported in an older version may not import after an upgrade. If you have a report template or dataset export file that was generated in a previous version of WinSPC and you would like to import into a newer version of WinSPC, you can contact DataNet Quality Systems' Product Support Help Desk to assist you with a export file upgrade.

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