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Is there a way to automatically capture and disseminate the raw data that caused a violation?
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Last Updated
1st of July, 2013

Applies to
WinSPC 7.2, WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3

There certainly is. You simply set up either an e-mail trigger or a message box trigger for a selected control test template. To do this:

  1. Double-click the control test template. If you want to set up a collection plan step with such a trigger, double-click the collection plan containing the step and then double-click the step.
  2. In the "Control Test Template" dialog box or the "Test Selection" dialog box (which are identical except for the dialog box title), single-click the test for which you want offending raw data captured and disseminated upon violation.
  3.  faq-00-01.jpg

  4. Click the "Add Trigger" button.
  5.  faq-00-02.jpg

    This causes the "Trigger Setup" dialog box to appear.


  6. If you want to have the offending raw data e-mailed to designated recipients, at "Trigger Type", select "E-mail". If you want to have the offending raw data displayed in a message box on the station at which the data was collected, at "Trigger Type", select "Message Box".
  7. If in the preceding step you selected "E-Mail", under "Message Setup", at "Destination", enter the e-mail addresses of those to whom you want the offending data disseminated, separating each address with a comma. (Note: If you want to use the WinSPC internal mail system, click the "Select" button and select the desired users from the "Address List Builder" that appears.)
  8. In the Trigger Setup dialog box "Message" text area, enter any introductory text you want to precede the raw data in the e-mail or message box. If desired, press the Enter key once or twice afterwards to space the introductory text from the raw data that will follow it.
  9. faq-00-04.jpg

  10. Click the "Insert" button and, from the "Insert Special Character" dialog box that is displayed, under "Process Variable", scroll down and select "Raw Data [ ]".
  11. faq-00-05.jpg

  12. Click "OK" to close the Insert Special Character dialog box. This inserts the Raw Data code into the Message area of the Trigger Setup.
  13.  faq-00-06.jpg

  14. Within this code, replace "Sample#" with the number of the sample for which you want raw data displayed. (A "1" in this case refers to the first sample collected, a "2" to the second sample collected and so on.)


  15. If there are other samples for which you want the raw data displayed, copy-and-paste the line just completed and edit the copied line as appropriate.


  16. If desired, enter concluding text following the last raw data line.
  17. Click "OK" to close the "Trigger Setup" dialog box.
  18. Click "OK" to close the "Test Selection" or "Control Test Template" dialog box.
  19. Click "OK" to close the "Collection Plan" dialog box, as appropriate.



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