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How do I move (or migrate) my WinSPC database to different server?
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Last Updated
3rd of April, 2018

Applies to
WinSPC 7.2, WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3, WinSPC 9.0

WinSPC has a built-in utility to migrate a WinSPC database from one database server to another.  The migration utility will copy the data to the new database, enter a notation into the old database indicating a migration has been done, and update the WinSPC.ini file in the remote directory so that each client station will know where the new database is at the next time the client is ran.

Keep in mind that the migration requires exclusive database access, so no users can be logged into WinSPC during the migration process. Also, the time involved for the migration can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the speed of the network, the size of the current WinSPC database, the capabilities and load on the servers, etc.

NOTE: It is not necessary to complete this procedure if you are simply upgrading from one version of database server software to a newer version of the same software without changing your database hardware (for example, if you are upgrading from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft SQL Server 2005).

NOTE: If you are migrating from one physical Microsoft SQL Server to another, and the version of Microsoft SQL Server is equal or up to 2 versions newer, we would recomend that you use the Manual Migration Procedure:

To migrate a WinSPC database:
  1. Create a backup of the WinSPC database you want to migrate.
  2. Using the "WinSPC Installation and Configuration Guide", configure an empty database for WinSPC on the new server, as instructed in the 'Phase 1' portion of the guide pertaining to your specific database platform.  The "Installation and Configuration Guide" can be found on your product CD or in the files you downloaded to install or upgrade WinSPC.  You can also download some of the recent installation guides here:  You can also contact our Technical Support to get a copy of the guide for your specific WinSPC version.
  3. From any WinSPC client station, launch WinSPC and log in as the 'Admin' user.
  4. Since the migration process requires exclusive database access, force the logout of all stations currently connected to the WinSPC database. To do this:
    1. From WinSPC Administrator window, click "Tools""Force User Logout."
    2. In the "Force User Logout" dialog box that is displayed, multi-select all the stations listed.
    3. Click the "Logout" button.
    4. Allow 30 seconds or so for the logout to be forced.
    5. Close the "Force User Logout" dialog box by clicking the "Close" button.
  5. Launch the Migration Wizard by clicking "Tools" "Migrate" from WinSPC Administrator window.
  6. Proceed through the Migration Wizard, keeping in mind that the wizard is prompting for information regarding the new database server, not the existing one.  By the time the wizard completes, it will have:
    • Changed the 'DBState' field of the old database to '3' (in the 'SYSTEMSETTINGS' or 'CONFIG' table), preventing future use of the old database.
    • Tested the connection to the new database.
    • Created the WinSPC tables and fields in the new database.
    • Copied all appropriate data from the current database to the new database.
    • Updated the WinSPC.ini file in the remote directory with the new database information.
  7. Once the migration wizard completes, log into WinSPC from that same station to confirm the new database connection.
  8. Go to each client station and launch WinSPC. When WinSPC runs the first time after a migration, it will do the following automatically (and without any user interaction):
    • WinSPC will attempt to connect to the old database, but discovers that the database has been marked as having been migrated.
    • WinSPC will go out to the WinSPC remote directory and will retrieve the new database connection information from the 'WinSPC.ini' file in that directory
    • WinSPC will update its local 'WinSPC.ini' file (in the WinSPC application directory) with the new database information.
    • WinSPC will then connect to and use the new database

    If you also need to move the location of the WinSPC remote directory (a move that will be mandatory if the remote directory was on the same hardware as the old database and that hardware is no longer going to be accessible to WinSPC clients), click here for instructions.
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    Visitor Comments
    1. Comment #1 (Posted by Robert Adsit )
      What about companies who would like to migrate to another server and another database package, i.e. Microsoft SQL Server Express?
    2. Comment #2 (Posted by WinSPC Support )
      If you are moving from one database package to another (such as Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle), regardless if they are on different servers, you would need to use the same process above to migrate your WinSPC database. During step #6, you would specify the new database type as well as the login information for the new database.
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