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How do I upgrade WinSPC?
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Last Updated
7th of March, 2012

Applies to
WinSPC 7.2, WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3

To upgrade your WinSPC system, you should refer to the "Upgrade Instructions" that comes with your WinSPC installation media (download or CD).  These instructions will take you step by step through the upgrade process.

In general, the WinSPC upgrade process consists of the following steps:
  1. Taking a backup of your WinSPC database.
  2. Installing the new version of WinSPC on a client computer that has the old version installed.  This process will update all the necessary WinSPC files on that computer.
  3. Running WinSPC on that computer.  WinSPC will detect it is a newer version and will then proceed to upgrade your WinSPC database, as well as update the files in the WinSPC remote (network) directory.
  4. At this point, your WinSPC system has been upgraded and is ready to be used.
  5. When other computers run WinSPC, WinSPC will automatically download the necessary files from the WinSPC remote directory and will upgrade itself during the startup of WinSPC.
  6. If you are on WinSPC 8.3.0 or later and have installed the optional WinSPC Application Server, the application server will update itself once the upgrade has been completed.
You can also download recent versions of the "Upgrade Instructions" by clicking on your WinSPC version below:
If you have any questions about or during the WinSPC installation process, please contact our Technical Support.
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