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Topics related to the setup and usage of Assignable Cause Lists, Corrective Actions Lists, and Note Lists
There were 4 articles found in this category:
  1. questionHow can I add, or remove, annotations to multiple subgroups at the same time?
    Within WinSPC's Variable Analyzer (WinSPC 8.2 and above) and Attribute Analyzer (WinSPC 9 and above) you have the ability to make changes to Annotations (Assignable Causes/Corrective Actions/Notes) across multiple subgroups, all at once. This is a quick and easy way to annotate a range of subg ...

  2. questionWhat is inheritance?
    Inheritance is an administration object behavior (introduced in WinSPC 8.0) where the object not only affects other items at that object's level, but also affects other objects that are in the lower levels beneath that object. Two of the new administrative objects in WinSPC 8.0, Control Test Te ...

  3. questionWhy can't I see my annotation list (Notes, Assignable Causes, Corrective Actions)?
    So, you have an annotation list, such as one or more from Notes, Assignable Causes and/or Corrective Actions. Either you are in Data Collection Mode and have a 'Prompt For Notes' trigger enabled, or you manually go to click on a data point to bring up the data browser in either a Data Collectio ...

  4. questionGetting Started with WinSPC 8.0: Lists
    In this video of the "Getting Started with WinSPC 8.0" series, we will explore the new ways to use individual lists of notes, assignable causes, and corrective actions.

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