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Topics related to the external utilities for WinSPC, such as DBSweep or the Security Utility
There were 2 articles found in this category:
  1. questionRunning the WinSPCSecurity program
    This article details how to run WinSPCSecurity to grant permissions to users or user groups for the local Windows workstation. The WinSPCSecurity program will set the minimum permission required to run WinSPC. This program should be used if the WinSPC operator does not have local administration ...

  2. questionHow do I convert my old archive databases to the WinSPC 8.0 format?
    WinSPC 8.0 introduces a new format for archived databases. An archive database will first need to be converted to the new format before a WinSPC client can query or report on that archived data. To convert an existing archive database to the new WinSPC 8.0 format, refer to the following articl ...

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