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  1. questionHow do I create a 32-bit ODBC DSN on a 64-bit operating system?
    When using Custom Web Reporter (CWR), QualTrend, or WinSPC's ODBC device, you may need to create an ODBC DSN on a computer in order to tell the application how to connect to an external database. While CWR, QualTrend, and WinSPC all function properly on a 64-bit operating system, they will requ ...

  2. questionChanging the QualTrend 'run-as' user
    QualTrend, by default, is configured to have the local services and processes run as a local computer account. This works just fine except in the case when the user needs to have QualTrend authenticate to external resources across the network (for example, having QualTrend pull data in from a ...

  3. questionWhat is the default login and password for QualTrend?
    After a new install of QualTrend, the default login credentials are: Username: Admin Password: Admin The password is case sensitive, note the capital 'A' in the password.

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