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Changing the QualTrend 'run-as' user
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20th of October, 2011

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QualTrend, by default, is configured to have the local services and processes run as a local computer account.  This works just fine except in the case when the user needs to have QualTrend authenticate to external resources across the network (for example, having QualTrend pull data in from a Microsof Access Database located on a other machine).  In this instance, Windows/Access will not allow anonymous connections to the database; the connections must be an authenticated Windows User.  The user accounts that are configured to run QualTrend must be changed to a DOMAIN user in order for this scenario to work.

The typical install of QualTrend uses IUSR_ as the user that runs the application. This user needs permissions to read/write data in locations outside wwwroot. Since IUSR is a local account to that machine, it does not have permissions nor is known on other machines.  In order to access files on other machines for reading (or writing), it is necessary to set up QualTrend with a run-as user that is a domain account.  The following are the steps to accomplish this:
  1. Set up a domain user account
    • The user should not have an expiring password
    • The user's password should not need to be changed at the first login
  2. Access DCOM Config either through Component Services in the Control Panel or with Start -> Run -> dcomcnfg.
  3. Expand Component Services -> Computers-> My Computer -> DCOM Config
  4. Find and Right-Click on StatitLib.  Choose Properties
  5. In the Identity Tab, select "This user" and fill in the name of the domain user, and enter and confirm the password.
  6. If you are using StatitPool, repeat 4 and 5 for this as well.
  7. Close out of the DCOM Config.
  8. Give the domain user write access to the following folders on the QualTrend machine:
    • Inetpub/wwwroot/eqcTemp
    • Inetpub/wwwroot/eqcReports
    • Inetpub/wwwroot/eqcMail
    • Windows/Temp
  9. Also give this domain user at least read permission to any folder that contains data on other machines
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