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How can I see the changes or events that have occurred for a specific WinSPC item?
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Last Updated
1st of July, 2020

Applies to
WinSPC 7.2, WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3, WinSPC 9.0

WinSPC can be configured to track and record changes to objects in WinSPC, such as when items are created, modified, or deleted.  This information is stored in the WinSPC Event Log (also called the Audit Trail) and is accessible to an administrator.

In order for WinSPC to record any item changes in the Event Log, you will first need to enable the audit trail option.  To do this:
  1. Log into WinSPC as the "admin" user.  The setting that needs to be enabled is only accessible by this user (other administrators will not have this option).
  2. From the drop down menu at the top of the administrator window, select "Tools" > "System Settings".
  3. Select the "Audit/Security" tab.
  4. Check the "Enable system audit trail" option.  If desired, select one of the sub-options to enable the prompting of a reason for any changes.
  5. Click "OK" to save the changes.
Once the audit trail is enabled, an administrator can view the entire Event Log by selecting "Tools" > "Event Log" from the drop down menu in the administrator window.  This will display the "Event Log" window, from which the administrator can filter the events (using the options on the "Filters" tab) and view the events (using the "Events" tab).


This is not, however, the only place that the audit trail events can be found.  In WinSPC 8.0 or later, most objects in WinSPC now have their own "Events" tab in their "Properties" window, which will display only the events relating to that specific object.  For example, if an administrator right clicks on a collection plan, selects "Properties", and then chooses the "Events" tab, they will be show only the events that occurred for the specific collection plan. 


These other WinSPC objects have a similar"Events" tab in their "Properties" window:
  • Part Folders
  • Parts
  • Variables (also available through the "Variable Analyzer")
  • Attributes
  • Tags
  • Short Run Folders
  • Short Run Processes
  • Collection Plan Folders
  • Collection Plans
  • Subgroup Level Tests
  • Devices
  • User Groups
  • Users
  • Station Groups
  • Stations

You may want to export this information from the Event Log (Audit Trail) into another program/format. Please follow the instructions on the following Knowledgebase Article to do this: 

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