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Category Icon WinSPC Dashboards (2)
Category Icon WinSPC Datasets (9)
Topics related to the setup and usage of datasets, including constraints and data filters
Category Icon WinSPC Query Tool (7)
Topics related to the usage of the Query Tool in WinSPC
Category Icon WinSPC Report Builder (RAVE) (6)
Topics related to the usage of RAVE to create and modify report templates
Category Icon WinSPC Report Books (7)
Topics related to the setup and usage of Report Books in WinSPC
Category Icon WinSPC Report Templates (18)
Topics related to the creation and usage of Report Templates in WinSPC
Category Icon Custom Web Reporter (CWR) (1)
Topics related to the usage of Custom Web Reporter (CWR)
Category Icon WinSPC Variable Analyzer (19)
Topics related to the usage of the WinSPC Variable Analyzer
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Topics related to the setup and usage of the report and analysis tools in WinSPC, such as 'DataSets', 'Report Templates', and the 'Variable Analyzer'
There were 12 articles found in this category:
  1. questionHow do I use default data filters in user setup (and what do they affect)?
    Introduction You can configure Default Data Filters at the User and User Group levels in WinSPC to reduce steps within your WinSPC Users' workflows. These Default Data Filters affect: Opening the Variable or Attribute Analyzer (no prompts) Previewing/Printing a standard Report (with prompts) ...

  2. questionWhat are data filtering options and how can I use them?
    There may be times when you would like to see your data for specific set of conditions. This is done by using the “Edit data filtering option” within any Query or Data Set. To bring up the Data Filtering Options, click on the funnel icon labeled “Edit data filtering option&r ...

  3. questionHow do I set a default Chart Scheme for the Variable Analyzer, Attribute Analyzer, Dashboards and Reports for a User or User Group?
    Introduction: The charting component of WinSPC's Variable Analyzer, Attribute Analyzer, Dashboards and Report Designer are highly configurable. The configurations concerning colors and visual elements are controlled by Chart Schemes*. If there is a particular chart configuration you like to oft ...

  4. questionHow do I read the Goodness of Fit tab and Distribution Analysis tab in the Variable Analyzer?
    The Goodness of Fit tab within the Variable Analyzer compares a Variable’s data distribution with industry-standard theoretical distributions. The information in this tab is sensitive to values entered in the Calculation Settings panel at the top of the Variable Analyzer. The Goodnes ...

  5. questionHow can I print or preview a report in WinSPC?
    There are many different ways in WinSPC to print or preview standard Reports Books and Report Templates: Administrator Tree's Right Click Menu Print Reports Button Variable Analyzer Attribute Analyzer (WinSPC 9.0 and above) Data Sets (WinSPC 9.0 and above) Command Line Switches Reports can be ...

  6. questionWhat is the difference between 'Control Limits', 'Calculated Control Limits' and 'Historical Control Limits'?
    Introduction: The chart component within Variable Analyzer, Attribute Analyzer, Dashboards and Standard Reports allow for many different visualizations of your data, most of which can be customized via Chart Schemes (formerly known as Chart Color Schemes). From within the properties of the Chart ...

  7. questionHow do I import a Report Template, Data Set or Dashboard?
    Report Templates, Data Sets and Dashboards can be exported to copy them from one WinSPC system to another. This allows you to share these exportable objects with other WinSPC users, as well as download new report templates from DataNet Quality Systems for use in your WinSPC environment. This a ...

  8. questionHow do I configure WinSPC to send external E-Mail?
    We would recomend SMTP configuration for best results when using WinSPC with external E-Mail for the following features: *E-Mail Triggers for Control Test rule violations in Data Collection mode *E-Mail Notifications for failures to collect data using Timed Data Collection *E-Mail PDF reports ...

  9. questionCan I use a batch file to generate WinSPC reports?
    You can use batch files in conjunction with Command Line Switches to generate a single report, or even multiple reports, one after the other. Please see the following knowledgebase article for information on Command Line Switches:

  10. questionWhat is RAVE?
    RAVE (Report Authoring Visual Environment) is WinSPC's visual report building tool that can be used to create new report templates or modify existing ones. RAVE allows the creation of banded reports, similar to other reporting tools such as Crystal Reports. To access the visual report builder f ...

  11. questionWhat do the different colors in Control Charts and Plant Monitor mean?
    Within WinSPC's Plant Monitor, Data Collection and Reports, items such as the data collection Ribbon, Plant Monitor cells, and plotted subgroups on Control Charts, often change color. What do these colors mean? If a characteristic’s subgroup contain Subgroup Level Control Test violations, ...

  12. questionHow can I change the X-axis scaling on a histogram chart?
    Starting in WinSPC 8.3.4, users are now able to customize the X-axis scaling for histograms in the Variable Analyzer or Report Templates. These chart properties are also a part of the chart's Color Schemes and can be configured in the Color Scheme Setup (accessed from within the WinSPC Administ ...

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