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How can I set my charts to display Historical Control Limits by default?
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Last Updated
11th of May, 2018

Applies to
WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3, WinSPC 9.0


By default, the charting component of WinSPC's Variable Analyzer and Report Designer and most stock Dashboards allow you to see calculated control limits based on the data contained within your current data set, determined by your active Data Filters. However, in Variable Analyzer, Dashboards, as well as within Standard Reports, you may want to observe the real time 'Historical Control Limits' that were present at the time the data was actually being collected.

Among other things, the settings regarding which limit lines are visible within WinSPC are controlled by Chart Schemes (formerly known in WinSPC 8 as Color Schemes). If you wish to enable Historical Control Limits by default, you will need to create your own Chart Scheme that has those Historical Control Limits visible and enabled.


1)      Log in as the Admin user

2)      Click on ‘Tools’>’Chart Schemes…’

3)      Either

  • Click on the green ‘+’ button called ‘Create chart scheme’ to create a new color scheme
  • Select any other existing color scheme from the ‘Chart Scheme:’ drop down box, and press the ‘Copy from…’ button

4)      Name your color scheme in the ‘Chart Scheme:’ drop down box something meaningful

5)    Under the ‘General’ tab, in the ‘Element Visibility’ area, select ‘Historical Control Limits Visible’

• This option will make the Historical Control Limits on for this new color scheme by default

6)    Optionally, if you do not wish to see calculated control limits by default within this color scheme, deselect ‘Control Limits Visible’


You can now use this Chart Scheme for the Attribute Analyzer, Variable Analyzer, Dashboards and Standard Reports that use charts.

In the Analyzers (both Variable and Attribute) this can be done on the fly by right-clicking on the Analyzer's Chart and selecting the appropriate Chart Scheme that has Historical Limits, or you can set your new Chart Scheme as a User's default within the User setup inside WinSPC.

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