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What is the WinSPC Remote Directory, and where do I find it?
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Last Updated
29th of January, 2015

Applies to
WinSPC 7.2, WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2, WinSPC 8.3

What is the WinSPC Remote Directory?
In most WinSPC installations, the WinSPC Remote Directory (sometimes called the Network Directory) is a shared folder on your network that is accessible to all your WinSPC clients. It is one of the three required components of any WinSPC installation, including the backend database and the WinSPC client itself.

The Remote Directory is created during the initial installation of WinSPC and is used as the basis to install additional WinSPC clients.  It is also critical in the upgrade process, as each client will attempt to download any installed updates from this location.  In addition, it is also the location for WinSPC documentation and WinSPC system utilities. 

This directory could exist anywhere on your network, such that each WinSPC client can access that directory.

If you are using WinSPC in a standalone environment, the WinSPC Remote Directory is still created upon WinSPC installation, and is still a required component. By default it is suggested during a standalone installation that this directory be installed inside your WinSPC client directory (by default C:\Program Files\DQS\WinSPC\Remote\).

Where is my WinSPC Remote Directory?
There are 2 methods to finding the location or path of your existing WinSPC Remote Directory in your WinSPC environment:

Method 1:
  1. Go to an existing WinSPC client. Open the 'About' menu from either the WinSPC Access Center or from the 'Help' menu. 
  2. Go to the 'WinSPC' tab in the 'About' window. 
  3. The WinSPC Remote Directory is the 2nd to last line in this tab. 
Method 2:
  1. Go to an existing WinSPC client. Browse out to the WinSPC client installation folder ((by default C:\Program Files\DQS\WinSPC\).
  2. Open the 'WinSPC.ini' file in a text file editor such as Microsoft Notepad.
  3. The Remote Directory is in the path or location after 'ImageDir=' 

During the installation or upgrade process, WinSPC will fully manage the files and folders in the Remote Directory.  You should never install WinSPC, or the WinSPC upgrade, directly inside the Remote Directory.

If you need to move the remote directory to a new location on the network, click here for instructions. 
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    I can't locate remote directory. Please help
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