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How do I add a cover page to my report template?
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Last Updated
2nd of April, 2012

Applies to
WinSPC 8.0, WinSPC 8.1, WinSPC 8.2

To add a cover page to an existing report template:
  1. Make a copy of your existing report template (just so you have a backup of the original).

  2. Edit the properties of the report template (double click on the report template or right-click on the report template and select 'Properties').  Access the report designer by clicking on the 'Run Report Designer' button.reporttemplatecoverpage1.png

  3. When the report designer appears, you will need to add a new page to the report.  To do this, select 'File' > 'New Report Page'.  Notice that two pages (tabs) in the Page Designer.  reporttemplatecoverpage2.png

  4. This new page will be your cover page.  To easily reference this page, let's first change the name.  Double click on the 'Page 2' tab (underneath the Page Designer) to bring up the properties for the new page.  Change the 'Name' property to "CoverPage" (note that this changes the tab name as well).  Since this is a component name, please note that it cannot contain spaces or any special characters.
  5. reporttemplatecoverpage3.png

  6. Next, add the desired content to the cover page (such as text fields and images).  The screenshot below shows a basic text field added as a component on the cover page.reporttemplatecoverpage4.png

  7. Finally, you will need to set the print page order so that the cover page will print prior to the main report page(s).  To do this, expand the 'Report Library' in the component tree on the right side of the screen and click on the report object.  This will display the properties of the report (on the right side of the screen).

  8. In the properties of the report (right side of the screen), select the 'PageList' property.  Click on the ellipsis button to open the Page List Editor. 
  9. reporttemplatecoverpage5.png

  10. Select your cover page from the 'Report Pages' drop down and click on the 'Add Page' button.  Do the same for the remaining pages in the report.  You can re-order the pages by selecting the page in the list of pages at the bottom of the screen and using the arrows to change the order.  Once the pages are in the desired order, click 'OK'.
  11. reporttemplatecoverpage6.png

  12. Save your changes by closing the report designer and clicking 'OK' on the report template setup window.  Now when you run the report, the cover page will be the first page, followed by any of your normal report pages.
For reference, an example report template with a cover page is attached below.  You can save this export file and then import this sample report template into your system.  For more about importing and exporting report templates, see this other knowledgebase article:

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