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How do I create a 32-bit ODBC DSN on a 64-bit operating system?
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30th of August, 2012

When using Custom Web Reporter (CWR), QualTrend, or WinSPC's ODBC device, you may need to create an ODBC DSN on a computer in order to tell the application how to connect to an external database.  While CWR, QualTrend, and WinSPC all function properly on a 64-bit operating system, they will require a 32-bit ODBC DSNs for some of the functionality that utilizes ODBC DSNs (as all three applications are 32-bit applications).

By default, a 64-bit operating system (such as Windows 7 64-bit) only allows a user to create 64-bit DSNs.  The exact steps to create a DSN vary slightly by operating system, but in Windows 7, DSNs are accessed from the "Data Sources (ODBC)" shortcut in the "Administrative Tools" of the Windows Control Panel. 

To create 32-bit ODBC DSNs on a 64-bit system, you will need to locate and run the 32-bit version of the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" application (provided by default in Windows).  This application can be found here (assuming a default installation of Windows):

You may want to create a shortcut to this application in the Control Panel (and name it, for example "Data Sources (ODBC) (32-bit)").

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