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  1. questionHow do I setup a Microsoft Excel file device?
    WinSPC 8.0 has a new device type called ‘Microsoft Excel File’ in the device type pull down from the device setup screen. Data stored in simple Excel files (.xls files) can be used to automatically populate variables and tags in WinSPC using an ‘Excel file’ device. ...

  2. questionHow can I create a control test to count the number of samples in a subgroup that are out of spec?
    In WinSPC 8.3.4, a new subgroup level control test type has been added that allows a user to setup a custom control test that counts the number of readings in a subgroup that meet a certain criteria (such as the number of readings outside the spec limits). Using this new subgroup level control ...

  3. questionHow can I change the X-axis scaling on a histogram chart?
    Starting in WinSPC 8.3.4, users are now able to customize the X-axis scaling for histograms in the Variable Analyzer or Report Templates. These chart properties are also a part of the chart's Color Schemes and can be configured in the Color Scheme Setup (accessed from within the WinSPC Administ ...

  4. questionHow can I quickly search or find an item in WinSPC?
    Introduced in WinSPC 8.3.3, you can use the WinSPC "Search" functionality to easily find a WinSPC object that you are looking for based on its name. The search functionality can be accessed from within the WinSPC Administrator screen, the WinSPC Navigator screen, or the WinSPC Data Collection s ...

  5. questionHow can I quickly switch to a different collection plan during data collection?
    When in WinSPC's data collection screen, the operator can easily find and switch to a different collection plan by pressing 'F6' or 'Ctrl+F' on the keyboard without having to lead the Data Collection screen. This is an alternative way of loading a collection plan without having to exit Data Col ...

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