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Topics related to the setup and usage of datasets, including constraints and data filters
There were 10 articles found in this category:
  1. questionWhat is the relationship between Parts/Processes, Variables, Attributes, Tags, Short Runs and Collection Plans?
    Variables and Attributes (as well as Parts/Processes are the containers for Variables and Attributes (as well as some other things like Blueprints and Tags).

  2. questionWhat is the difference between 'Control Limits', 'Calculated Control Limits' and 'Historical Control Limits'?
    Introduction: The chart component within Variable Analyzer, Attribute Analyzer, Dashboards and Standard Reports allow for many different visualizations of your data, most of which can be customized via Chart Schemes (formerly known as Chart Color Schemes). From within the properties of the Chart ...

  3. questionHow do I import a Report Template, Data Set or Dashboard?
    Report Templates, Data Sets and Dashboards can be exported to copy them from one WinSPC system to another. This allows you to share these exportable objects with other WinSPC users, as well as download new report templates from DataNet Quality Systems for use in your WinSPC environment. This a ...

  4. questionWhat is the difference between a Data Set List Filter and a Data Set Data Filter?
    What is the difference between List Filters and Data Filters in a Data Set? Beginning with the introduction of Data Sets in WinSPC Version 8 and continuing thru to the current version of WinSPC, some of our customers have been asking the question, “What is the difference between a ...

  5. questionHow do I use default data filters in user setup (and what do they affect)?
    Introduction You can configure Default Data Filters at the User and User Group levels in WinSPC to reduce steps within your WinSPC Users' workflows. These default Data Filters affect: Opening VA (no prompts) Previewing/Printing a report (with prompts) Exporting data from the Right-click menu ...

  6. questionHow can I export data in WinSPC to Excel, CSV or HTML format?
    Introduction WinSPC supports exporting Variable data from within WinSPC into XLS (Microsoft Excel), CSV (Text) and HTML (Web) formats. This can be done from either the Variable Analyzer or The Data Set Builder. Procedure 1a. Right-click aon any of the following object(s) (or their related fol ...

  7. questionWhat are List filter & Group List filter and how can I use them?
    In WinSPC version 8.0 or later, a List filter is a query that will return a list of Parts or Variables that matches the criteria specified. Combining several List filter can reduce the resulting list to just the Parts or Variables that are of interest. A Group List filter is just a separate s ...

  8. questionWhat are data filtering options and how can I use them?
    There may be times when you would like to see your data for specific set of conditions. This is done by using the “Edit data filtering option” within any Query or Data Set. To bring up the Data Filtering Options, click on the funnel icon labeled “Edit data filtering opt ...

  9. questionHow do I create a Dataset that shows the variables that have collected data in the past 10 days?
    The video below demonstrates how you can easily create your own dataset that shows which variables have collected data in the past 10 days.

  10. questionWhat's New in WinSPC 8.0: Understanding Datasets
    In this video of the "What's New in WinSPC 8.0" series, we will explore the value of using Datasets.

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