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  1. questionWhat is the difference between the various Attribute Collection Methods?
    Introduction There are 4 different Collection Methods within an Attribute's Advanced Setup under the 'Settings' tab. The method selected determines the manner in which the Standard data entry pane in the Data Collection module functions. The options are: Totals Add Tally Up Tally Down Totals Th ...

  2. questionCan WinSPC automatically prompt a device for data on a timed basis?
    Introduction Is it possible to automate data collection by having WinSPC be set to prompt a device. Procedure Set up the Device as you normally would. Set up a Collection Plan step to use the device. With that Collection Plan step selected, click the "Timed Data Collections" tab. On this t ...

  3. questionHow do I move or copy items in WinSPC?
    Moving Tree Items Items within the Navigation Tree, including folders and any entities they may contain, may be moved from one location in the tree to another by following the procedure listed below: Log in to WinSPC as the Admin user or a user that has Administration permissions to Create-Edi ...

  4. questionWhat is the difference between linking and applying a control test template?
    A control test template allows a user to easily configure the desired control tests and triggers to be used during data collection for multiple variables or attributes. Once a template is created and configured, it can either be applied or linked to have its associated tests and triggers used w ...

  5. questionIs there a way to automatically capture and disseminate the raw data that caused a violation?
    There certainly is. You simply set up either an e-mail trigger or a message box trigger for a selected control test template. To do this: Double-click the control test template. If you want to set up a collection plan step with such a trigger, double-click the collection plan containing the st ...

  6. questionHow can I change the X-axis scaling on a histogram chart?
    Starting in WinSPC 8.3.4, users are now able to customize the X-axis scaling for histograms in the Variable Analyzer or Report Templates. These chart properties are also a part of the chart's Color Schemes and can be configured in the Color Scheme Setup (accessed from within the WinSPC Administ ...

  7. questionHow can I quickly switch to a different collection plan during data collection?
    When in WinSPC's data collection screen, the operator can easily find and switch to a different collection plan by pressing 'F6' or 'Ctrl+F' on the keyboard without having to lead the Data Collection screen. This is an alternative way of loading a collection plan without having to exit Data Col ...

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