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  1. questionHow do I create a 32-bit ODBC DSN on a 64-bit operating system?
    When using Custom Web Reporter (CWR), QualTrend, or WinSPC's ODBC device, you may need to create an ODBC DSN on a computer in order to tell the application how to connect to an external database. While CWR, QualTrend, and WinSPC all function properly on a 64-bit operating system, they will requ ...

  2. questionTech note: WinSPC compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has recently been released by Microsoft (March/April 2012). Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is not compatible with older versions of WinSPC. Only WinSPC 8.0.0 or later will be able to use SQL Server 2012 as a back-end database, due to Microsoft removing the "SQL Server 2000 ...

  3. questionHow do I upgrade WinSPC?
    To upgrade your WinSPC system, you should refer to the "Upgrade Instructions" that comes with your WinSPC installation media (download or CD). These instructions will take you step by step through the upgrade process. In general, the WinSPC upgrade process consists of the following steps: Taki ...

  4. questionWhere can I download Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 or 2008 for use with WinSPC?
    You can download the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server Express from Microsoft's Express website here: You can also download the following specific SQL Server Express versions from our website: Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 Installer Microsoft S ...

  5. questionHow do I install SQL Server Express 2005 or 2008 for use with WinSPC?
    You can download a pdf that contains step by step instructions for installing SQL Server Express for use with WinSPC here: SQL Server Express 2005 SQL Server Express 2008

  6. questionTo view the CWR help file, an additional Windows component is necessary for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must download an additional component from Microsoft in order to view the CWR help file. This component can be found from Microsoft's website here: In addition, you will also need to enable macros for the ...

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