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Word Description
add Attribute data collection method. Accepts subtotals of defective units or defects and, once all subtotals are collected, adds them.
Admin The only user account built into WinSPC. Admin can not be denied any permission anywhere in WinSPC. The only user that can access 'System Settings'. The 'Super-User'.
ASCII Acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A 7-bit standard code adopted to facilitate the interchange of text between various types of data processing and data communications equipment. Most software packages use this coding scheme to create text-only data files. Many gauges also use this coding scheme to communicate over serial connections.
assignable cause A notation assigned to a subgroup of data indicating the cause of that subgroup's process state. Usually applied to subgroups that violate one or more control tests.
attribute An attribute is a characteristic of a part or process that can be measured qualitatively. This is often a count of defective units or a list of possible defects. An example of an attribute would be the count of the number of units that had a particular visual defect, such as scratches or dents. Attributes are represented in WinSPC by a 'A' inside a blue diamond. Attributes use chart types such as 'p', 'np', 'u', 'c', or a Pareto.

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