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Word Description
capability Process Capability is the ability of a process or machine to make product to the customer specified tolerance over a given period of time. Can only be determined on a process that is in statistical control. Usually measured by comparing the customer specifications against your process spread (six sigma, or 99.73% of your data).
characteristic Variable, Attribute or Short Run
clipboard A portion of computer memory set aside to store data being transferred from one location in a file or application to another.
collection plan WinSPC object that contains the configuration information necessary for an user to collect data. This includes, among other options, an ordered list of characteristics as well as the definition of how the data is collected (i.e., from a serial connection or text file).
constraint A constraint is a condition or an item that is used in list filters within a data set. Examples of constraint types include 'at least', 'at most', 'assignable cause', 'corrective action', etc.
control test template A Control Test Template is a WinSPC administrator object that contains a list of active tests and triggers (actions that take place in response to a test). The template allows you to setup your list of tests and triggers once and re-use them through applying a template or through control test template links (WinSPC 8.0 or later only).

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